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a little about me


My name is Jenniver Lawrence. That is my married name. My maiden name is Dore. I thought it only fitting to name the company

the DORE to LAWRENCE. It just rolled off the tongue.

Anyway, like so many other hard working Americans, I found myself un-employed and trying to figure out where I fit into the world. I am a girl that says "I can do it myself"! I searched and searched for a shelving unit that could look good in my "new" sanctuary,

(our porch) for my ugly out door bird cage. I couldn't find it.

In my MIND'S EYE I had a vision for the look and the functionality of this piece. My husband said "why don't you start with something easier". We had all of our coolers and water bottles always stacking up looking like a trash heap. I designed and built the

cooler unit ( 2013. a ). The build went alot easier than I thought. The building continued

When I got to the "King Charles" piece (the pew style bench), that is when everything felt so right and I decided to run with this full time. That is also the point when I started numbering all my pieces.

Who knew I would not only find "my calling", but my passion at this stage of my life. Thanks to my supportive husband, I am able to design, create, and build all of these beautiful pieces of furniture. 

tDtL is just under 3 years of being in business, I have now created over 225 branded pieces, many Jenga and Cornhole games sets and countless other home decor. I love all that I create and enjoy bringing out the beauty and the creativity that was destined to be. 

This site is my gallery!

Enjoy! And thank you for checking it out!

the DORE to LAWRENCE owner/builder

 i hope that in 100 years, at least one of my pieces survives and thrives and someone says, "oh that is a DORE to LAWRENCE piece"!



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